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Bio Products Validation Limited (BPV) is a leading UK and EU validation provider that delivers expert validation services for the life science industries. Our skilled team provides comprehensive qualification solutions, including FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ, and RQ, ensuring regulatory compliance and quality assurance. Our clients include Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Healthcare and Biotechnology companies. Trust BPV for efficient validation services tailored to your specific needs.


As well as covering all life science validation and qualification requirements, BPV also provides expert thermal mapping and calibration services in the United Kingdom and European Union, ensuring GMP and GxP compliance for pharmaceutical warehouses and storage facilities. Our team delivers precise temperature mapping solutions to maintain product quality and meet regulatory standards.


BPV has a highly accomplished sterilisation SME leading the team, enabling us to deliver robust, autoclave qualification and depyrogenation oven qualifications, ensuring pharmaceutical sterilisation processes meet rigorous industry standards and regulatory requirements. In addition to qualification, we are able to provide autoclave cycle development in ensure robust sterilisation conditions are achieved. As a result of the experience within the team we are able to provide comprehensive autoclave qualification services.

BPVs team of experienced validation engineers and consultants specialise in delivering high-quality Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV) services for a wide range of equipment and processes.

ISO 9001 Certified

By adhering to the core principles of ISO 9001, BPV establishes a strong
foundation for effective quality management, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering a culture of excellence that drives long-term success in providing top-tier validation services.

Service Provider – Unique Approach to Support Your Project

As your EU and UK validation provider and partner, we are committed to helping your company achieve its goals while maintaining regulatory compliance. We offer end-to-end support, from project initiation to validation planning, and optimisation.

Our Own Protocols – Streamlined Process

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality validation solutions, we
have developed our own set of cGMP-compliant validation protocols that clients can easily adapt to their format if required. These documents provide a clear and detailed outline of the planned validation activities and essential criteria.


Sterilisation Validation

BPV offers extensive sterilisation validation services in the United Kingdom and the European Union, guaranteeing safe, reliable, and compliant operation of sterilisation processes in line with regulatory requirements.

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Thermal Mapping

BPV ensures GMP compliance in maintaining thermal uniformity and safeguarding product quality in pharmaceutical warehouses, cold storage facilities, and controlled temperature units (CTUs).

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Steam Quality Testing

BPV specialises in complete steam quality testing services for life science industries. This ensures regulatory compliance, early issue detection, and optimal equipment performance through expert evaluation and industry-standard testing methods.

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Validation Equipment Hire

BPV, as a trusted EU and UK validation service provider, offers validation equipment hire services, including calibrated Kaye Validators and accessories. This provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing validation projects and promotes operational efficiency.

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Comprehensive Validation Consulting and Project Management

BPV provides expert validation consulting and project management services tailored to the unique needs of life science companies in the UK and EU. Our team offers unparalleled guidance throughout your validation journey, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational excellence at all times.

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Computer System Validation

BPV supplies thorough Computer Systems Validation (CSV) services, encompassing all validation stages, to ensure strict compliance with GxP standards and GAMP 5 methodologies.

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Process Validation

We offer comprehensive process validation services, including development, execution, and periodic verification to ensure consistent production of high-quality pharmaceutical products throughout their lifecycle.

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Cleaning Validation

BPV executes cleaning validation studies for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including manual cleaning processes and CIP validation. This ensures regulatory compliance and patient safety is achieved through rigorous testing.

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