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Bio Products Validation Limited performs comprehensive thermal mapping services to monitor temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical warehouses and other storage facilities. We provide guideline-referenced and GxP-compliant implementation of thermal mapping services for temperature mapping, as part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Our thermal mapping services ensure that fluctuations in temperature and humidity are prevented, safeguarding product quality in your facilities as part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Temperature and humidity can significantly impact both raw materials on the manufacturing floor and finished goods in your warehouse, making it essential to have reliable monitoring and control measures in place.

Our experienced team utilises state-of-the-art data loggers, thermocouples, and probes to continuously map temperatures across all areas of your storage facilities. This rigorous approach identifies potential hotspots and coldspots, verifying that conditions stay within validated ranges per your requirements and specifications.

Maintaining proper storage conditions is critical and regular temperature mapping services provide documented evidence that storage areas suit temperature-sensitive products like vaccines, viral vectors, and biologics. It informs ideal locations for permanent monitoring devices per regulations.

BPV Limited reliably traces products through the cold chain from manufacturing to distribution by leveraging data loggers and real-time monitoring. Our expertise gives you confidence to maintain quality and mitigate risks.

Our thermal mapping expertise gives you confidence in maintaining product quality and mitigating risks associated with temperature and humidity fluctuations. We also provide season-based temperature studies during winter and summer seasons.

Our comprehensive thermal mapping services can include:
• On-site facility surveys
• Writing and executing mapping protocols
• Door opening and power failure tests
• Transport monitoring
• Statistical reports with data illustrations and analysis

We cover the following facilities for temperature mapping:
Storage, freezers, chillers, incubators, stability chambers, cold rooms, controlled rooms, and more.

Whether installing new units or validating existing ones, BPV Limited provides GxP-compliant thermal mapping services. Ensure your temperature-sensitive products remain within specified ranges with our comprehensive temperature mapping services.

Contact BPV Limited today for reliable and compliant thermal mapping services tailored to your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs.

BPV offers Thermal mapping Services for your pharmaceutical facility. We use data-loggers, thermocouples and probes to avoid fluctuations in controlled temperature environment
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