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Bio Products Validation Limited-BPV provides validation equipment hire services, offering validators, temperature data loggers, and thermocouples for rental.

Making the decision to rent equipment vs buy

When assessing your needs and requirements for temperature data loggers and validation equipment, we advise you to consider how quickly you need them on-site for your validation project and how frequently you need to utilise them, i.e., how many times monthly or annually. Before making an outright purchase, the cost of the validators, data loggers, and other validation accessories, as well as the lead time and calibration costs must also be considered alongside¬†your employees’ expertise and experience in handling the validation equipment.

By considering these elements you can decide whether to purchase the equipment outright or rent equipment from a company like BPV. Renting validation equipment specifically for your project can be more practical option because the cost of purchasing, using, and maintaining and recalibrating such instruments might be unreasonably high.

By choosing BPV’s validation equipment rental services for your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs, you can benefit from a flexible, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution tailored to your specific project requirements.


Validation Equipment Hire Services - Calibrated Validation Equipment - KAYE Validators

BPV is proud to use validation equipment from reputable companies such as KAYE in our validation studies. Currently we are able to offer Kaye Validators for hire, alongside any required accessories such as SIMs, drywell baths, IRTDs, and thermocouples, so that your validation project is less complicated and more affordable. To ensure accuracy before use, all systems are pre-calibrated per manufacturer requirements and UKAS traceable standards. Validated equipment can also be supplied if required.

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