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Our Validation Services

Equipment Validation

We are a specialist validation provider, ensuring the validation of equipment used in Manufacturing Processes. Our focus is on meeting all necessary regulations while also achieving optimal performance and safety levels.

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Steam Quality Testing

BPV Limited provides steam quality testing services to ensure the steam systems in your sterilisation equipment are operating efficiently and safely

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Equipment Hire

BPV offers validation equipment hire services, hired equipment is calibrated to national or UKAS standards, saving upfront costs. Our experts advise on suitable equipment and provide the latest market options to support your validation projects without a need to purchase the equipment for limited usage.

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Thermal Mapping

BPV Limited’s thermal mapping service assists life science companies in monitoring temperature and humidity in controlled environments like warehouses and cold rooms, as part of Good Manufacturing Practices, to prevent fluctuations that could impact product quality and batch acceptance.

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Computer Systems Validation (CSV)

BPV offer comprehensive CSV services to our clients. Our services include the validation of computer systems and software used in regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and life-science industries.

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Validation Consulting Services

We can assess the current validation processes and protocols in your department, BPV can guide you through the entire validation process to reach your goals, providing project management, planning, optimization, method, protocols and process validation adhering to regulatory requirements.

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Cleaning Validation

BPV provides cleaning validation services, delivering documentation that cleaning processes reliably and repeatedly achieve cGMP standards and predetermined residue limits to assure quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our engineers are able to qualify and validate cleaning processes, establish criteria, conduct studies, and write SOPs.

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Process Validation

Our team of highly skilled validation engineers and consultants also provide expertise in validating processes in your pharmaceutical facilities, ensuring consistent quality and regulatory compliance.

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Why Are We Different?

We are the UK specialists in sterilization and CSV and provide our clients with a comprehensive all-in-one solution. We work with over 400 validation engineers in the CQV, QA, and validation areas, and we evaluate each engineer’s knowledge and expertise with care. We are a validation service provider, not a recruiter. Our team has accumulated over 20 years of experience, and we are dedicated to providing the service your company deserves!



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